Piano Lessons Melbourne FL

Looking for fun creative piano lessons in Melbourne FL? Piano lessons custom tailored to your child’s learning? Lessons that move beyond the method books? Do you want to play Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Billy Joel, The Beatles and other Pop Music? Lessons that involve technology IPad, GarageBand, and Audacity Recording? Piano Lessons that reinforce concepts with hands-on activities off the bench? Improvisation skills and playing by ear? Do you want to play classical music such as Beethoven Sonatas, Mozart, and Bach? Do you want to play contemporary Christian music you hear played in your church on Sundays?

Contact Donna at 321-427-6699 or roehlpiano.com to get started!

I’ll create a custom piano lesson curriculum for your child. I’m a small studio that keeps integrity and personality at the heart of my business. I see first hand every day how piano lessons help kids become more confident, knowledgeable and self-sufficient. They learn to set goals and show grit to accomplish skills at the piano.

I’d love to grow and foster your child’s success!