Creative & Fun Piano Lessons in Melbourne FL



GOOGLE 5 Star Rated 

“My family has been so lucky to have you as our piano teacher!  All your time, love and dedication you put into teaching our children is priceless!” -Damary T.

“I keep bragging about you! We are so pleased with how our son is progressing!” -Kristin L.

“Our daughter enjoys sharing with the family what she has learned and desires to practice so she can master new skills.” – Karem S.

“My children love coming for lessons with Ms. Donna. She gives them confidence to take on each new skill. They are always eager to come home and show us what they are working on. It’s created some wonderful moments in our home where we take just a few minutes out of our busy life to sit together and listen to them play.” – MaryBeth C.

“I love piano lessons! Ms. Donna is so sweet and kind and helps me learn pretty songs on the piano. Piano lessons are a good way to exercise my fingers and my brain. It helps me concentrate better!” – Alison, age 8