Piano Lessons In Melbourne, FL

Specializing in Lessons for Children

B.S. Elementary Education Minor in Piano

Preschool Age to College

Currently my 2019- 2020 Afternoon Hours of the Studio are full and have a waiting list.

If you are interested in joining the waiting list (only 5 families allowed on wait list) please contact me a.s.a.p. as when an opening occurs in the studio wait list clients are placed first before I advertise.

If you are looking for Preschool Piano Lessons in the Mornings or Early Afternoons – there are lessons available. Call or Email to schedule your Preschool Piano Lessons.

“Caroline always looks forward to her lesson. She knows Ms. Donna will have something fun planned.” Leslie

“Every lesson with Ms. Donna is special and a creative experience for my kids. She takes a lot of time preparing each week, specifically for each child.” Barbara