Piano Lessons Melbourne FL

I teach with a Kawai baby grand acoustic piano and Yamaha digital piano separated by glass french doors to the adjoining waiting room.

I am the only Brevard County piano teacher that is a member of the Inner Circle – an online membership of piano teachers from around the world that participate in ongoing professional development.  By continually learning and updating my teaching; I am better able to serve the needs of today’s children.  Whether it is learning to play pop songs with lead sheets, or with backing tracks.  Reinforcing music theory concepts with technology on the ipad, or just getting off the bench for a few minutes to play a hands-on game.  I refine my professional skills to meet each child’s learning needs.

If you are looking for a piano teacher in the Melbourne FL area that loves to teach, and enjoys working with parents as a team so students become confident musicians give me a call.  I’m proud to be a company of one; meeting the needs of my team (Team Roehl Piano) and exceeding parent and student expectations by crafting individualized piano lessons.

There’s more to learning piano then just following a method book – students explore composing, technology, off-bench learning, improvisation, playing pop songs, church musician skill-sets, recording music on the computer, and playing Gig’s in the community here in Melbourne.

“My family is so lucky to have you as a piano teacher!  All the time, love, and dedication that you put into teaching each one of our kids is priceless!”  – Damary T.

“Our daughter comes home excited to share what she has learned and desires to practice so she can master new skills.”

-Karem S.

“My children absolutely love coming for lessons with Ms. Donna.  She gives them confidence to take on new skills at each lesson.  They are always eager to come home and show us what they are working on.  It’s created some wonderful moments in our home where we take just a few minutes out of our busy life to sit together and listen to them play.”

-Marybeth C.